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National Political Mirror has been setup with the aim for the forefront of every single news revolution.  The website target the global Indian with news that is credible, true and fast. National Political Mirror is a solitary stop news information platform for every professional. Be it news, views, analytical information, in depth analysis. Political Mirror has credibility and loyal following.

National Political Mirror is widely accepted as the portal that presents breaking news with fresh perspectives.


Custom-made news: National Political Mirror set up to show you the stories that best stand for your interests?

Alerts: You can sign up to collect weekly, daily or as-it-happens email alerts on any subject that benefits you.

News for your cell phone: If you have a cell phone data plan, you can access News right from your mobile phone.

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Sanjeeb Kumar is Editor-in-Chief and founder of Telecom Mirror, he has been a journalist since 2011 and has worked at The DayAfter Magazine, and Voice&Data. Kumar is former alumni of Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) is an Indian media centre of learning funded and promoted by the Government of India.

He last served as the Senior Journalist at Voice&Data.

Besides TelecomMirror, he has also founded PoliticalMirror (news portal), NationalPoliticalMirror (a monthly political magazine and news portal), and co-founder of TheGlobalRealty (a monthly magazine and news portal on real estate and infrastructure).

He can be reached at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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