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Beyond Religious Fundamentalism

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Taliban, Afghanistan,Hindutva

After the sudden revival of Taliban in Afghanistan and upsurge of Hindutva the world is seriously considering a society free from religious bias. Often people with the reformed bent of mind reach a conclusion to move above religion, live in spirituality as every religion will be good for humanity.

Since Sanatan Dharma believes in rebirth ,the soul has no religion and in the present life when a person is muslim by birth, in the next life s/he can be Hindu or Christian.Those who hate any religion in this life might be in that religion in his previous life. It is possible that staunch Hindus who hate muslims and spreading hatred were Muslim fundamentalists in their previous birth.

Human beings use to experience the religions in different lives as per the need of their soul and they will continue in the same level without progress till they come out of the circle of birth and death to achieve salvation as Buddhism believes.

But, international power game and politics are different from religious beliefs.’Afgan Defence couldn't fight for their own people even after twenty years of training and equipped with most modern weapons. Why should our soldiers sacrifice for another country ?’ This is what our leaders feel now. But they don’t understand that what has happened in Afghanistan today can happen to us too tomorrow as a large US imperialist strategy.

Muslim Fundamentalism believes in supremacy of the males.Hindu view of life is completely different.The gender of God in Hinduism is sometimes visualized as a male God such as Purusha / Vishnu or female Goddess such as Lakshmi, androgynous such as Ardhanarishvara (a composite of Siva or Shiva - male - and Parvati - female) or as formless and genderless Brahman (Universal Absolute, Supreme Self as Oneness in everyone).

Although God is referred to in the Hebrew Bible with masculine imagery and grammatical forms, Jewish philosophy does not attribute to God either sex or gender. At times, Jewish aggadic literature and Jewish mysticism do treat God as gendered, though these are not uniformly masculine or feminine.

Every religion believes that one has to get a permanent leave from the bondage of time and space. As felt by Tagore in Gitanjali:

‘I have got my leave
Bid me farewell my brothers !
I bow to you all and take my

Here I give back the keys of my
door-and I give up all my claims to my
house.I only ask for kind words from

We were neighbours for long,but I
received more than I could give.Now the
day has dawned and the lamp that lit my
dark corner is out.A summons has come
and I am ready for my journey.’
It is essentially important to mentor your fellow beings to perfection.I have mentored many in my life regardless of the religion.Many of them have left me,and I have continued mentoring many more .I not only mentor alone, but publicise the merits of the person to whom I mentor to the best and as much as I can.

This morning I saw photographs of some of my friends publicising their wards. A young poet put photograph of her daughter with a Minister.My wife and children never want me to publicise them. It so happens that top bureaucrats, corporates or leaders come to meet me and they never use it as a tool to publicise themselves.

People who have been mentored by me often leave me once they come to a level. Those who have left,I have not kept their address and those who have come ,I have not hoped any return from them before giving something.

The only hope I have from them is,love to the best and be truthful to the humanity.The other hope from them is,go by your own merits and judgement,don't be biased by others nor manage honour, your achievement should command respect for your talents from the society.

Often one should be clear about her/ his limitations.Once you know it, you can carve out possibilities to the best.
Resurgence of Talibans could not have been possible in such rapid speed had not US started negotiation with them.Before confirming terms and condition of handing over the State to the Talibans ,US pulled out most of the ground forces keeping around 2500 strength of Army.

The world knows that Talibans have been backed by Russia and China besides Pakistan. US wanted to perform magic by deciding the date for complete pull out when Talibans started advancing disregard to the understanding given to President Trump in the past.It's not believable that CIA had no information about the increased fighting capabilities developed by the Talibans.

The US not only betrayed the government and people in Afghanistan but also all concerned including India about the ground realities. Ghani has fled as he could not forget how Nazibullah was brutally tortured and finally killed with his family and friends.

This time despite take over of the major part of Afghanistan by Talibans the country won't find peace immediately. There are also haterogenious forces in Afghanistan headed by warlords who never accept any central power to control.

India started negotiation with Talibans very late and when China, Russia and Pakistan are by the side of Talibans, why should they care India which has only business interest and nothing else. Like the so called Hindutva exponents who are highly educated people,Talibans have no love for fellow religious people. There won't be any long term solution of Afghan problems like the turmoil in India ,people are being killed in large numbers through pandemics.
Religious Fundamentalism has now become the greatest foolishness of humanity. As once felt by Tagore :

‘O Fool,to try to carry thyself upon thy
own shoulders ! O beggar,to come to
beg at thy own door !

Leave all thy burdens on his hands
who can bear all,and never look behind
in regret.

Thy desire at once put out the light
from the lamp it touches with its breath.
It is unholy-take not thy gifts through
its unclean hands.Accept only what is
offered by sacred love.’

To come back to love and a divine life free from religious hangover is the greatest challenge for the world at present.World Peace is possible if the whole mankind is free from religious dogmas and discard imaginary heavens and Gods.

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