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“We are continuously working with the youth to promote agripreneurship”

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In an interaction with Sanjeeb Kumar Sahoo, Editor, National Political Mirror, the President of All India Professionals' Congress of Jharkhand, Aditya Vikram Jaiswal has given an insight on what the Congress party has to say on issues arising in Jharkhand.

NPM: Do you agree with Hemant Soren's remarks on Bhojpuri and Magahi?

Aditya Vikram Jaiswal: Language is connected with the people and it could be Bhojpuri, Magahi or something else. We all are Indians and staying in the same country. We can't differentiate between people on the basis of languages.

NPM: How do you evaluate this Government’s 20 months' in office as your party is also a part of it?

Aditya Vikram Jaiswal: From the Congress’ point of view, the Jharkhand Government is very active in promoting industrialization in the state. We have also fulfilled our promises which the party had made to voters. We waived off loans worth Rs 980 crore of 2.46 lakh farmers in the state so far.

NPM: As the President of Jharkhand All India Professionals' Congress what are your key contributions to the party?

Aditya Vikram Jaiswal: My team and I are reaching out to young professionals to join the organisation. Now we are planning to reach out to all blocks of the state and will appoint one professional in each block who will encourage youths towards farming business. We are continuously working with the youth to promote agripreneurship via skill development and employment generation in the interiors. 

NPM: If you are made the Jharkhand Congress President, how would you strengthen the party in the State?

Aditya Vikram Jaiswal: I will ask all party leaders and workers to visit every household in the state and make them aware of what Congress party has done for the country in the past 70 years and what we plan to do in future for the people. We should use old methods of communication instead of novel media of the day to connect with voters; this is because our rivals are technologically advanced in marketing their ideology among voters.

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