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Gossip in a Tea Stall-3

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The gentleman understood that he had no disease, he was not starving, his mind was perfect, he was not brought up by the court\police\lawyers, his wife and children Were very good and healthy. He was also healthy... Everyone has his/her own destiny.

I am always worried for my country. But, in recent times, a fear for death has encircled my mind. It is because of the fact that, so disturbed is I that my writings have been changed and it is more on the negative Corona and government apathy to face it.My wife and children are equally worried.
This reminds me of a story.

A 50 year old gentleman was suffering from deep depression and his wife took an appointment with a counselor who was also an astrologer.

The Wife said:- "He is in severe depression, please see his horoscope also." 

The astrologer saw the horoscope and found everything correct.  Now he has started his counseling.

He asked some personal things and asked the gentleman's wife to sit outside.

The gentleman spoke...

-  ‘I am too worried...
    In fact I am overwhelmed by worries...

   Job pressure...

Children's education and job tension...
 Home loan, car loan...
 I don’t like anything...
The world thinks of me as a cannon...
But I don't have as much stuff as even a cartridge..
 I am depressed..’
Saying this he opened the book of his whole life in front of the counselor.
 Then the learned counselor thought something and asked, "In which school did you study your 10th standard?"
The gentleman told him the name of the school.
 The counselor said:
‘You have to go to that school. From your school you locate your 'Class X' register and look up the names of your peers and try to get information about their current well being.
 Write down all the information in a diary and meet me after a month.’
 The gentleman went to his school, managed to find the register, and got it copied.
There were 120 names in it.  He Tried day and night throughout one month, but was barely able to collect information about 75-80 classmates.
 20 of them were dead...
 ….7 were widowed/widowers and 13 were divorced...
10 turned out to be addicts who weren't even worth talking about...
5 came out so poor that nobody could answer for them..
6 turned out to be so rich that he couldn't believe it...
 Some were cancerous, some were paralyzed, diabetic, asthmatic or heart patients..
A couple of people were in bed with injuries to the arm/leg or spinal cord in accidents...
 The children of some turned out to be insane, vagabonds or useless...
 One was in jail... one  person after two divorces was looking for a third marriage...
Within a month, the register of class X was narrating the agony of fate itself...
The counselor asked:’Now tell me how is your depression?’
The gentleman understood that he had no disease, he was not starving, his mind was perfect, he was not brought up by the court\police\lawyers, his wife and children Were very good and healthy.  He was also healthy...
Everyone has his/her own destiny.
But, obviously, time and situation have an impact.How to face it, depends on you as under an apathetic establishment, everyone is insecure.
 I was suggesting a friend to read the book ‘Freedom at Midnight’ by Dominique Lapiere and Larry Colins to know how division of India took place as many people are influenced by fundamentalist historians on Gandhi, Nehru and Subhas Bose.In fact, Nehru, Subhas Chandra Bose and Patel were in the radical freedom fighters group of Congress. Their approach was different. While Subhas was in favour of availing help of foreign powers who were opposed to the British, Gandhi, Nehru and Patel were in favour of generating internal courage to face the Britishers and struggle for independence in a non violent manner.
 - But then why Gandhi and Nehru did not die in the struggle when many others died.
The Answer is simple. Patel and Ambedkar also survived. Savarkar prayed for pardon and worked with the British Government for dividing India on the basis of religion, which Jinnah also did. RSS with a strong base of businessmen played a safe card and did not take part in the freedom struggle.It is a part of History of Modern India.
 But fools never read their history nor learn from the past !
Question is,should we sacrifice our present for the past ? Gandhi and Nehru were wrong. So was Savarkar and RSS. So furious was Patel that he ordered a ban on RSS as it was creating communal tension which continues now with  active support of the establishment.
 Everyone in the country had a role in the creation of the composite culture of India and we can’t sacrifice it for a mere political agenda !
 We have a young population of about 70 Crores under 50 .Let us try our best to create a New Secular Democratic India.2024 General Election is an ideal time for it.

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