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Gossip in a Tea Stall-6

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On a particular Sunday, the vendor brought bundles of spinach. Her quote was, I think, one rupee per bundle. My mom's counter-bid was exactly half that figure: however, she promised that she would buy four bundles at that price. For a while, both were harping on one's own figure. The vendor politely declared that she wouldn't even recover her cost at that price, loaded the basket on her head and walked away.

Let the country go to hell, but our dear patriotic party has earned about 4000 Crores in the financial year ending March 2020.The most alarming news is,over 20 Million youth have lost their livelihood  ! However,the income of corporate giants have gone up manyfold. And, a new group of tycoons have been born,wives, mistresses and children of ministers !

Our dear government has now decided to  make a census of the OBC population in the country. Obviously, then question of proportional reservation will take the centre stage of discussion.Makers of our Constitution never imagined that provision of reservation will be a boon for political parties to create a permanent vote bank.The real downtrodden group have gone to ashes and a fake beneficiary group have come to occupy the stage .Reservation in jobs and in education has now become an act for ensuring a permanent vote bank or say, trading in kindness !
This reminds me of a story that I got from a school senior a few days ago.The story is like this :

‘ When I was young, my mom used to buy vegetables for the household, from a lady vendor who came to our doorstep every day.

On a particular Sunday, the vendor brought bundles of spinach. Her quote was, I think, one rupee per bundle. My mom's counter-bid was exactly half that figure: however, she promised that she would buy four bundles at that price. For a while, both were harping on one's own figure. The vendor politely declared that she wouldn't even recover her cost at that price, loaded the basket on her head and walked away.

After taking four steps ahead, the vendor turned back and shouted,’Make it 75 paise a bundle and I will give it to you.’My mom shook her head and stuck to her original 50 paise, reiterating the theory of quantity discount. The vendor walked on.Both of them precisely knew each other's strategies. The vendor turned around, came back to our house, while my mom was waiting at the doorstep with a smug smile on her face.The deal was clinched at my mom's bid.

The vendor was sitting there as if she was in a trance. My mom took her time checking each bundle by gently tossing it by her right hand and examining each with a critical eye for quantitative and qualitative compliance.From an initial short-listing of the bundles, she finally selected four bundles to her satisfaction, making that point clear to the fatigued vendor. She took the commodity and took her time and came out with the payment in a collection of coins of small denominations.

The vendor took the money without even counting. As she got up, she swayed due to apparent dizziness. My mom held her hands and asked whether she hadn't had any food in the morning. The vendor said, ‘No Ma. With today's earnings only, I've to buy some rice, go home and make some.’ My mom asked her to sit down, hurried inside and came back swiftly with a few chapatis & vegetables and offered it to the vendor. She also gave a bottle of water and started making some tea for the vendor. The vendor hungrily and gratefully ate the food, drank the water and finished the tea. Thanking my mom profusely, I placed her basket on her head and went on to continue with her business.

I was puzzled. I told my mom,  ‘ You were ruthless in bargaining for two rupee stuff, but were generous in offering food of a much higher price to that vendor. My mom smiled and said, ‘My dear child, there is no kindness in trading and there shall never be any trading in kindness.’
Whatever the RSS may be, BJP and the current government have to count people of other castes like SC / STs in India's next census, especially OBC calculation is becoming an obligation. BJP has come to know that it may have to pay a big political price for not doing such calculations. The government has acted smart this time and it is now up to the public to respond..

But, they pulled down VP Singh led government three decades ago at the centre on this pretext !

Often we read or listen from various sources that.we pay taxes for nation building. It has become a duty of the salaried class and pensioners to pay taxes especially the income tax ,Question is,if salaried people and pensioners pay income tax, why not big agricultural land owners who are considered Agriculturists and tribals from NER as well as other tribals of India ? Are they not patriots enough to build the nation ?

Who is a patriot today ? I listen and read a lot about this these days.and get confused.My father was a freedom fighter and could not build a house in his life time for his patriotism.He was always giving example of Gulzarilal Nanda who was two times our interim PM and did not have a house.I have seen patriots like Nabakrushna Choudhury.These days most of the patriots have a few buildings ,cars and bank balance.

I am confused,who can be the ideal for us as a Patriot . Where are we now ? Many times we find ourselves at a place where we never imagined.and also,at some locations which we don't like at all.Life is like this now in India.
I am again reminded of a dear friend’s post recently in social media:

‘A rich man can be a Prime Minister,as proven by Jawaharlal Nehru

A poor man can be Prime Minister, proven by Lal Bahadur Shastri

An old man can be Prime Minister,as proven by Morarji Desai

A lady can be Prime Minister,as proven by Indira Gandhi

An illeterate man can be Prime Minister,as proven by Chaudhary Charan Singh

A pilot can be Prime Minister,proven by Rajiv Gandhi

A man from Royal family can be Prime Minister,proven by V P Singh

A scholar can be Prime Minister,as proven by P V Narasimha Rao

A poet can be Prime Minister, proven by Atal Behari Vajpayee

Any man can be Prime Minister, proven by H D Deva Gowda

A tea seller can be Prime Minister, as proven by Narendra Modi

A Prime Minister is not at all required Was proven by Manmohan Singh

The country can be ruled without a Prime Minister,as proven by Sonia Gandhi .’

Her story ended there .

Alas ,she did not say what our Constitution has taught us for years ,’We the People of India elect representatives to serve the country !’
I got another story from an Unknown Source. Initially I wanted to steal it. But later I decided to modify it and share with my dear readers.The story took me back to my childhood when we used to play the game ‘Chor Police ‘. That is the reality these days. The only difference is , yesterday’s thieves have become custodians of law and pose themselves as our representatives !

The story reads like this:

‘India has not invented anything spectacular as our main focus is on politics and cricket. Most of the modern gadgets we have are made in Japan, Germany, Korea, China, US or Japan.

In Japan they invented a machine that catches thieves; They took it out to different countries for tests.

In U.S.A, in 30 minutes, it caught 20 thieves;

UK, in 30 minutes it caught 500 thieves;

Spain, in 20 minutes it caught 25 thieves;

Ghana, in 10 minutes it caught 6,000 thieves;

Uganda in 7mins it caught 20,000 thieves,

India , in 5 minutes the machine was stolen.’

Possibly the thief from India was a top leader who took it to Swiss Bank with Black Money . He wanted to deposit it in his personal account, but Bank authorities though took the deposit of money,wanted to hire the machine and use it for detecting thieves when they come to deposit black money.

So unfortunate, all the thieves detected in the process were politicians , bureaucrats and police exclusively from India !

Strange News. Don’t blame me if it turns out to be a fake one.

‘The Olympics Management is now seriously considering including the game of stealing public funds and depositing in personal accounts as a new event. India will surely get a medal in this event in the next Olympics at Paris.’

So our dear so-called people’s representative representatives, get ready ! Fortunately, the next General Election will be held before the Olympics and a lot of money can be stolen by leaders in power..!

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