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Baba with A Difference: Soham Babajee

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The Soham Babajee Missions is both a Not-For-Profit Organisation (NFP) and a Non - Governmental Organisation (NGO), founded in 1991 in The Netherlands.


Shri Shri 1008 Soham Babajee, born in India’s West Bengal, and domiciled in Western Europe, He is both Eastern and Western in his lifestyle. To his disciples he is known simply as Babajee who became a Naga Sanyasi, He is also known as a Green Monk who dedicated His life to protect Mother Nature and Environment through numerous environmental and ecological activities to stop Global Warming guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Soham Babajee is also the Mahamandaleshwar of the Juna Akhada . He is a global thought leader, a Spiritual Guru, working for global peace and an equitable world. His work and efforts for Global Peace, Climate Change and Humankind can all be witnessed through the projects and activities of His internationally renowned organizations ‘The Soham Babajee Missions' and ‘United Green Care', which shows worldwide a shining light of strength and inspiration for millions of hearts.

Babajee has, in many ways, defied and redefined our notion of a mystic. Rather than withdrawing from human interaction, He has chosen to be involved with people whose lives he touches everyday with His thoughts, actions and teachings. The astonishing insight and command that is displayed in His teachings, meditations, mystic healing methods, reading of people and understanding of their natures, potentials and problems are not only the result of the secrets, the mysteries and the blessings poured forth to him by his beloved Gurudevas, but also because of an inner awakening through spiritual practice which leads to the realization of the “Self and Soul” as manifested in his divine experiences. By using the enormous power and energies gained from his Gurudevas, He is able to draw hidden sources of wisdom and concentration within himself.

It is a wonder that at His age, when many have not picked up the rudiments of an art or craft, Babajee has been able to pack so much into His life. His multifarious talents, wide travelling and unique spiritual experiences in all parts of the world makes Him an enigma and a Guide to those who have not seen, felt or achieved what He has been able to.

Babajee's grounding in His knowledge of the “Self and Soul” has uncovered to Him the richness of a greater cosmic order that can liberate humanity from our three-fold mortal sufferings: 'physical-illness, mental-disharmonies and spiritual-ignorance'. He has always delivered the message of unconditional love that is exhibited through the actions and activities of His Mission ‘The Soham Babajee Missions’ and His international society for Green Awareness, ‘United Green Care’. By taking this mission forward, He has guided people to provide health services in remote areas of the villages, where medical care is by far not available or in the worst case ignored.

With the philosophy of “Living for others”, (Niscam-Seva) Soham Babajee Missions Ambulance Centre grew to become the largest in North-East India. His projects are active in 127 countries, including Africa, Nepal, Sri Lanka, South America, Eastern Europe and Australia.

The projects of The Soham Babajee Missions started in the Netherlands, but has extended nowadays to a (inter) global level where EVERY human being has the opportunity of making life a Divine One. More of these exceptional and remarkable activities are captured in several books and documentaries of The Soham Babajee Missions.

The Soham Babajee Missions is both a Not-For-Profit Organization (NFP) and a Non- Governmental Organization (NGO), founded in 1991 in the Netherlands. Soham Babajee missions is an international organisation empowered with special consultative status in the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), A United Nations Obererver Organisation (UNFCCC) and United Nations Global Compact Organisation (UNGC), dedicated to promote Universal consciousness and peace on earth by discovering the divine potential within all mankind to offer selfless service to mother nature, women, children and humanity for a better tomorrow.

A Mystic

Babajee's unconditional love for Humanity and efforts dedicated towards Global Peace are reflected through the projects and activities of His internationally renowned organization the ‘Soham Babajee Missions’ and ‘United Green Care’. These organizations embody the shining light of strength and are sources of inspiration for millions of hearts.

As a World Leader

Babajee is a spiritual world leader who reminds the twenty-first century of Renaissance Man. It is a delight rarely savoured in this world of mortals. The magical blend of Babajee’s life as a Himalayan mystic, a Naga-Aghori Sadhak and the Mahamandaleshwara of the Juna Akhara is awe-inspiring. 

His Missions

To know Soham Babajee is to know the Mission – what it stands for, what it wants to do. Babajee's philosophy is coined from His own experiences, insights and visions. It engenders the perfect understanding and sharing amongst all living spirits born with equal rights to live for a better tomorrow.

Given His mammoth efforts to raise Global Green Awareness and His contributions to stop Global Warming, He and His Missions were awarded the status of United Nation’s Observer status at the Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Durban; South Africa, in 2011.

The three main messages from the Soham Babajee Missions on the Climate Change issue are: 1. The fastest way for climate change is to plant trees; 2. Climate change cannot be realized by negotiations, only by sharing; and 3. We talk about the climate change of Mother Earth, but what about our inner climate?

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