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Anarchist Arvind? paralysing reforms in Delhi: Ramesh Bidhuri

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In the first year of its rule the BJP government at the centre undertook many schemes for the improvement of Delihites but shockingly due to lackadaisical approach of the state government headed by Arvind Kejriwal pace of reforms has been paralysed and affected.\n\nTo discuss the current scenario of Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP), Lok Sabha Memebr from South Delhi, Ramesh Bidhduri, spent his valuable time to have a tete-a-tete with Political Mirror (PM) correspondent Preeti K Verma about his thoughts and approaches of working.\n\nPM: What have you done in last 1 year?\n\nBidhuri: We have established hospital in Ambedkar Nagar, improved water supply in Sangam Vihar for 4.5 lakh people; for this we started UGR distribution system which was closed earlier. We have mooted for fast construction of metro phase (4), Sarita Vihar over-bridge is now open for people. Dwarka command tank which comes under DDA was to be transferred to Jal Board and it was not done when congress government was in centre as well as in Delhi; after being elected for MP we did this work and transferred it .In January, it was cleaned properly and by this week water supply would be restored Dwarka.\n\nPM: What are your plans for the future?\n\nBidhuri: There must be a hospital and college in South Delhi, We have talked to chairman of DDA for 10 acres of land in Chattarpur to built college and now Delhi government has to take further step in this regard. See particularly MP works on a large scale , we can provide plan but it has to be implemented by both Delhi government and MCD and Arvind Kejriwal does not have time to serve Delhi public.\n\nPM: Which village have you adopted under SAGY scheme and what progress has been done so far?\n\nBidhuri : It is Bhatti village that comes under SAGY and I have adopted it last year .Work is going on; water pipelines have been sanctioned, dispensary has been  sanctioned, so many projects have been sanctioned but  the way I want work for these projects ; is not being done.\n\n PM: What action will you take to solve this issue?\n\nBidhuri: Nothing, we had meeting with chief secretary Teji Sharma ji who has set- up a committee that will work under SAGY but to set up this committee they took 4 months and that made our work 5 months delayed and ultimately it affected people of this village.\n\nPM: What were the reasons for the failure of the BJP in Delhi election polls 2015?\n\nBidhuri: We failed in Delhi election not because of the BJP but due to Aam Adami Party leader Kejriwal who diverted people by giving them freebies like free wi-fi, free water, free electricity, temporary jobs to be converted into permanent, employment will be given, opening of 500 schools, 400 colleges etc. And one thing you know Delhi people did not accept Kejriwal as their leader but they accepted him for experimental purpose to check out; how long he is going to stand on his promises.\n\nPM: What kind of strategy will the BJP adopt for upcoming elections in Bihar?\n\nBidhuri: Look, we have won elections in 4 states due to Amit Shah?s strategy and PM Narender Modi?s performance and trust among the people. I am 101% sure that BJP will make its government in Bihar election polls.\n\nPM: Who will be the chief minister for Bihar?\n\nBidhuri: It has not been decided and party high command will decide; the chief ministerial candidate in Bihar election polls. Bhartiya Janta Party has democracy and we have unity and all decisions are taken unanimously.\n\nPM: What do you want to say about AAP in case of issues regarding Home secretaries?\n\nBidhuri: Look Governor is obeying laws of constitution. In 1952 NCR constitution was made and in 1953 congress was in the centre, Khurana ji was chief minister, after that Sahib ji became chief minister since then government was running by co-ordination of both chief secretary and Lt. governor. It is the responsibility of Kejriwal to work with Lt. Governor and serve for welfare of the people. If officers (Adhikari) are not implementing his order legally or constitutionally; Kejriwal should blame officers that they are not listening to him. But he is blaming everyone ?he is thief or that one is thief? without any proof. So Kejriwal is responsible for this issue. He must coordinate with Lt.Governor.img_20150612_1127502161-575x1024

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