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We need to do hard work, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi to Political Mirror

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sahooa1Recently, Union Minister of state for parliamentary Affairs and Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi stated : those eating ?beef? should move to Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. He is also Vice-President of the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)\n\nBJP lead Modi government will complete its one year in office on May 26. The government had taken several decisions for improvement of people but its results are yet to be reflected in works.\n\nPolitical Mirror (PM) and National Political Mirror (NPM) editor- in- chief, Sanjeeb Kumar Sahoo, and Mohammad Kamran, correspondent with the same group interviewed Naqvi who completes one year as a Minister, in Modi?s government. The Minister gave his valuable time to (PM).\n\n.PM: Tell us about your tenure and the utility of your government?s regime?\n\nNaqvi: First, the one year of government, government not only has taken strong steps towards inclusive growth for the development of village, poor farmers, street-end etc but also has taken stride to eradicate traces of failures. Therefore, you have seen in Delhi?s power corridor that all the brokers of power has vanished. That?s why I am glad to see that our country is on the way of progress?.\n\nPM: Your (NDA) government has only two Muslims Minister?s in Narendra Modi?s cabinet and both are in the same ministry, and not inducted in the cabinet or given important portfolios like the HRD, Railway, Finance ministry?\n\nNaqvi: See, the government takes responsibility of his assessment. Where is the question of responsibility so, each and every ministry?s accountability is important in itself and specifically Minority Affairs is also very significant department in between the minorities. Because of wicked propaganda being organized against BJP government so, to control these sorts of agendas and to explore the credibility of BJP among people, we need to do hard work in which we will get success soon?.\n\n

Political Mirror correspondent, Mohammad Kamran with Minister of state for parliamentary Affairs and Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi
PM: Recently, Mumbai based Hare Krishna Exports Pvt Ltd has denied to give a job to a Muslim student, what is your stand on this issue?\n\nNaqvi: It is absolutely correct that whatever happened with Zeeshan Ali was wrong and unconstitutional. India is a democratic country that every citizen has right to equality, it was totally awful behavior showed by a company owner. The state government has taken strong strides against the company. You see around the world, there are so many extremist powers, protect themselves on the name of Islam that performing terrorist activities across the globe, from which the whole world is suffered. I am very happy to see that Indian Muslims refused to adapt such kind of radical groups?.\n\nPM: On Television Progarrme, you have said on the open-stage, those eating ?Beef? go to the Pakistan or Saudi Arabia? What you meant by this?\n\nNaqvi: Look, there was someone who asked me, sir ?We will not survive without having beef? so I have said that you can move to other places like Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, you cannot able to do in those states where beef has prohibited.\n\nPM: The Prime Minister of India had a meeting with Sufi-Sunni delegation in which he said that party will appoint only Indian Muslim not Wahabis, in Waqf Board Council? How you define between an Indian Muslim and Wahabi?\n\nNaqvi: No it is all nonsense, in India, there is diversity of culture everyone has right to express his views. People keep saying but it does not matter. According to the constitution everyone is equal?.\n\nPM: Recently, Delhi Jama Masjid Sahi Imam Shahi Imama had stated that Hajj Committee lost his appearance? What is your stand on this statement?\n\nNaqvi: Yes, you are right Hajj Committee has numerous problems. There are so many complaints have been filed regularly. Hajj Committee is an independent body, worked according to the constitution, but we are still doing whatever we can, since we are in power?.\n\nPM: What kind of strategy will the BJP form for upcoming Bihar Assembly Polls?\n\nNaqvi: We have single strategy for Bihar Assembly election, through the medium of good governance that we will take Bihar on the way of development. In the state, which have mismatched composition of government even they don?t have policies. Now, this time people are uniting on one accord, they will vote for BJP and Bihar will also be on the way of development through the BJP governance?.\n\nAccording to you, who should be the chief ministerial Candidate in Bihar?\n\nNaqvi: Look, whoever will be a chief minister of the Bihar, would be a capable and very good. Now, it is up to the party that the chief minister is to announce the contest election or without

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