1984 anti-Sikh riots case: CBI may take Tytler in custody after polygraph test of Verma

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NEW DELHI: Billionaire Abhishek Verma, the main witness in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots case, has said that his polygraphic test was successfully concluded after answering the all questions.

Verma was subjected to a polygraph test at the government-run forensic science laboratory at Rohini in West Delhi on the directions of the court.

He is the main witness in a CBI case pertaining to killing of three Sikhs- Badal Singh, Thakur Singh and Gurcharan Singh – at Gurudwara Pulbangash in North Delhi on November 1, 1984, a day after the assassination of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

On December 3, a Delhi Court has asked the CBI and FSL to conduct a polygraph test on Verma on December 6. The probe agency is conducting the test on him in a 1984 anti-Sikh riots case involving Congress leader Jagdish Tytler.

During the polygraph test Court Commissioner BS Joon, a Senior cardiologist, and Verma’s lawyer Maninder Singh were present. The test lasted for one and half hours and in total 20 questions was asked.

“Polygraphic test was successfully completed after answering 20 questions. Even they have asked me same questions three times to verify the answers,” Verma told a leading news channel.

He also answered some questions on how Narendra Singh son of Surinder Singh Granthi (another witness) was sent to Canada and how much Narendra was financed by Tyler and so on.

The CBI sources on the condition of anonymity said that they may take Tytler in custody very soon.

Four months ago, Verma had received four-pages threat letter through registered post from the local post office. He was warned not to proceed further with his polygraph test, in the threat letter. The letter which written in Hindi, threatened to blow him up with a bomb and also to eliminate his family.

While talking to reporters, Verma said that many a times Tytler has confessed in-front of me that managing to dodge the CBI and manipulate the witnesses had not been easy for him however he managed the same with political support during Congress regime.

When asked if ever Tytler influenced witnesses, Verma said Tytler had also manipulated the probe agency and witnesses till recently.

A year ago, court had directed that Verma and Tytler take a polygraph test while Congress leader, who has been given a clean-chit thrice by the CBI in the riots case, has refused to undergo the lie detector test however Verma the prime witness in the case accepted to go ahead with the polygraph test.

Tytler had denied his role in the riots, but the court ordered further investigation despite the CBI having submitted closure reports in the case thrice in the past. The victims had filed a protest petition challenging the CBI’s closure reports in the case.

With this test, Verma is now relieved, and chose to offer support to riots case and to bring Tytler to justice.

On being asked about the pressure from politicians, friends of Tytler, Verma stated that, he had been constantly receiving pressure from politicians close to Tytler and him with innumerable requests not to proceed ahead with the polygraph test however he resisted all such pressure and came forward to proceed with the polygraph test.

The court on December 2015 directed the CBI to further investigate the matter and decided to monitor the progress every two months to ensure no aspect was left uninvestigated.

The agency had reinvestigated the case of killing of Badal Singh, Thakur Singh and Gurcharan Singh near the gurudwara after a court in December 2007 refused to accept its closure report.

With this move of Verma, it appears that BJP will checkmate Congress party once again by proceeding against Tytler and booking him for the 1984 genocide bringing closure for the Sikhs and pulling the Sikh votebank in their fold in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.