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Open Forum Today-2

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Now, retired All India service officers posted in states have been able to enter to State Information Commissions.How a Police Officer who has throughout his career evaded information from people can become a Chief Information Commissioner of a state like Odisha ? It is like giving the job of protecting endangered mice to a cat.Let people raise voices…

What is the objective of Education ? To tell the right story or to rewrite it ? The Ministry of Education has now formed the National Steering Committee for the development of National Curriculum Frameworks.The Members of the Committee are as follows:

1. K Kasturirangan (Chair)
He is an Indian space scientist who headed the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) from 1994 to 2003. He is a recipient of the three major civilian awards from the Government of India: the Padma Shri (1982), Padma Bhushan (1992) and Padma Vibhushan (2000). He was Chairman of the Drafting Committee of NEP, 2020.

2. Mahesh Chandra Pant:
He is the Present Chancellor of NIEPA (National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration).

3. Govind Prasad Sharma:
He is a retired Professor and now Chairman of National Book Trust, India.Have been active in promotion of Books and Reading for the last several decades.

4. Najma Akhtar:
Since April 2019, she has been the Vice-Chancellor of the Jamia Millia Islamia University. She is the first woman to hold the post.

5. T V Kattimani:
First Vice-Chancellor of Central Tribal University of Andhra Pradesh (CTUAP) and has been awarded Karnataka Rajyotsava Award-second highest civilian award in Karnataka for his remarkable contribution to higher education.

6. Michel Danino:
He is an Indian author of French origin. He is a guest professor at IIT Gandhinagar. In 2017, the Government of India conferred Padma Shri for his contribution towards Literature & Education.

7. Milind Kamble:
Milind Kamble is an Indian Entrepreneur and a Padma Shri in 2013. He is Chairperson of IIM, Jammu.

8. Jagbir Singh:
Prof. (Dr.) Jagbir Singh, Former Professor and HoD, Department of Punjabi, University of Delhi, is appointed as the new Chancellor of the Central University of Punjab, Bathinda.

9. Manjul Bhargava:
He is an American  Mathematician of Indian origin. He is recipient of Fields Medal in 2014.

10. M K Sridhar:
He is a trainer and a Social Activist for Social and National causes and published thirty papers and completed eleven research projects. He was conferred with Karnataka Rajyothsava Award by the Government of Karnataka and the General President Gold Medal by the Indian Science Congress Association.He served as Member Secretary of Karnataka Knowledge Commission and Karnataka State Innovation Council, Govt. of Karnataka and Member of Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE), MHRD. Recently, he served as a member of a Committee for draft National Education Policy under the chairmanship of Dr K Kasturirangan and Chairman of Expert Committee on Technology-enabled learning of GoK.

11. Dhir Jhingran:
Dr Dhir Jhingran is the Founder Director of Language and Learning Foundation (LLF), a non-profit focused on improving foundational learning of children in government primary schools. Earlier, as an IAS officer, Dhir has served as Principal Secretary of Education with the Government of Assam, as Director in the Ministry of Human Resource Development in policy-making roles and as Project Director of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.

12. Shankar Maruwada:
He is the Co-founder and CEO at EkStep Foundation and he is an entrepreneur and marketing professional with a wide range of experience working on large scale projects such as the AADHAAR, India’s National Identification Programme, where he was the Head of Demand Generation and Marketing.

As per the perspectives of the NEP 2020, the Committee will develop four National Curriculum Frameworks- i.e., the National Curriculum Framework for School Education, National Curriculum for Early Childhood Care and Education, National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education and National Curriculum Framework for Adult Education.

The Committee will discuss different aspects of School Education, Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE), Teacher Education and Adult Education keeping in focus all the recommendations of NEP 2020 related to these four areas for proposing curriculum reforms.It will also discuss the position papers finalised by the National Focus Groups on different aspects of all the above four areas and will draw inputs from State Curriculum Frameworks received on the Tech Platform for the National Curriculum Frameworks.

All the National Curriculum Frameworks would also reflect upon the implications of situations such as COVID-19 Pandemic on respective areas for future.While convening its meetings, committee may invite subject experts, scholars, educationists, etc. as and when required and deliberate and decide upon the course of actions with the objective to meet the timelines of the strategy for the proposed development of NCF which does not have a reputed educational activist as Member Convenor as normally happens.May be, Dr Dhir Jhingran will be the right choice.

Now,this new Committee will finalise National Curriculum Frameworks after incorporating suggestions received from various stakeholders, i.e., states/UTs and also in the meetings of Executive Committee (EC) and General Body (GB) of the NCERT and Central Advisory Board on Education(CABE).

Tenure of this National Steering Committee will be three years from the date of its notification.Director NCERT shall assist the SC to complete its module.Its Terms of Reference may be expanded as per the requirement.

It is a welcome decision that deserves to be widely discussed in public forums.So many NCF Committees have been formed in the past and so many NCF recommendations have been tried to no positive impact. Online Education is useless for a country like ours. I have been a part of these experiments in the last four decades and find no future unless bureaucratic and political influences on educational policies- practices are stopped.
We have seen these recommendations accumulating dust in the ministry in the past.

I did all my education post college through correspondence/distance education and found no harm in the online education system if the child and parents are disciplined.There was no online education when we all
studied.Distance Education is very good.
Our parents don’t have resources for online education nor the required facilities and acquaintances.

News have been published that now
Bureaucrats can receive gifts from foreign dignitaries.What does it mean? Receiving a gift is not bad unless it hampers the system.
Sometimes what we are really saying when we worry is that, 'if this happens I don’t think that I will be able to handle it'. How do you know though that you won’t be able to handle it if it hasn’t happened yet?

In the past, when something you were worrying about did happen, what happened? Recall the times you did handle it or how the help you needed at that time turned up. In hindsight, did that ‘bad’ thing even turn out to be a ‘good’ thing?

Increase your belief in yourself and in life, if it does happen, well, you will deal with it. ‘I can handle it.’ So, what is there to worry about? By realistically facing our “What if’s…” we free ourselves to enjoy whatever today might bring. We know that the  “What if… ” is just as likely to happen, and if the other happens, well, we can handle it.

And who knows, it may even turn out to be something beneficial for ourselves and others….

Now, retired All India service officers posted in states have been able to enter to State Information Commissions.How a Police Officer who has throughout his career evaded information from people can become a Chief Information Commissioner of a state like Odisha ? It is like giving the job of protecting endangered mice to a cat.Let people raise voices…

My father used to tell ,we are a nation without national character,and have persons without morality.Poor freedom fighter,disillusioned seeing the fate of his sacrifice...Kumar Dada[Poet Kumar Mohanty],who was like a family member ,used to agree with him......both  would have been more disillusioned seeing the hypocrisy of today's system and authors.

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