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Communism played a key role in the evolution of the Congress party ever since its inception in 1885. The recent spree in the Congress party to induct young blood with leftist ideology should be watched closely. Rahul Gandhi is eager to have leaders like Kanhaiya Kumar who is not just chargesheeted in the matter of anti-India sloganeering in JNU but has also made statements that run against the spirit of nationalism!

Even our founding fathers didn’t trust the Communists of the time. Mahatma Gandhi questioned their ideology and the quest for violence in the name of revolution. Dr Ambedkar created ‘preventive detention’ provision in the Indian Constitution for the Communists because, he argued, the communists would use civil and political rights provided in the Constitution just to seize power and suspend the very Constitution. Nehru persuaded the Communists to come to the democratic fold but those who vowed to fight the State were dealt harshly and put behind the bars.

Indira Gandhi had a tacit understanding with the Leftists – the Congress was to be in the seat of power and leftists would have educational and related institutions under their control. However, Indira already had power and she could not allow the Communists to run amok. Rahul, today, has no power and no man with ordinary political prudence can see the Congress reaching to power anywhere soon.

Rahul Gandhi seems to be on a mission to decimate Congress altogether. On one hand he is inducting those, whom the people of India do not trust to be nationalists – ‘nationalism’ is sine qua non for any politics in any country. And on the other hand, he leaves no stone unturned to hijack opportunities created by Priyanka Gandhi.  Rahul Gandhi’s unwanted stint at Lakhimpur Kheri is an apt example. An opportunity created by Priyanka in UP just before elections was dusted by Rahul by making an appearance at the site even though his visit was not liked by even the local party workers. Rahul Gandhi’s fake hugs for the family of the deceased merely for photo-ops were objects of ridicule amongst the intelligentsia and the masses alike! 

Merely contemplating, that amalgamation of support of Communists, Leftists, Marxists and Separatist forces would bring Congress back to power in 2024 are the thoughts of a politically hollow-man (or men)!

Rahul Gandhi has invented his style of “Twitter Tourism” and is evident from his photo-ops posted on his twitter account as well as on other social media properties. He must remember that laws of nature figured out by Charles Darwin also apply to politics. The weak are replaced by the fittest. 

In 1984, my father Late Shrikant Verma, renowned poet authored a political satire poetry collection, titled ‘Magadh’ and in it, one of the quatrains was titled…. “Kosal mein vicharon ki kami hai”

36 years later, captions of the composition can be tweaked a bit to read:

Kosal mein vicharon ki kami hai,

Congress mein becharon ki kami nahin!

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