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Life has to Move-5

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Dinabhaina was poor,but was a highly respectable person.Soon I made up my study and passed class 7th.Chhoti says that I failed in a few subjects and the headmaster wanted such students to be detained for a year, but Dinabhaina pleaded and all those like me passed that year.

There are many fake freedom fighters in the country these days.A friend’s father expired two days ago. He created a story to show that his father took part in the freedom struggle.

Are freedom fighters political sufferers ? my father and his friends asked it when Odisha Government way back in 1960s offered a pension,may be for the first time in the country,to freedom fighters terming them as Political Sufferers.'We have fought for our Country,we are gainers of freedom,we are not sufferers.most of the Freedom Fighters rejected Government's offer.

Indira Gandhi being a Freedom Fighter herself and daughter of a great  Freedom Fighter like Pandit Nehru knew about this sentimental issue.She first wrote a letter to some thousand freedom fighters whose Jail Records were available,and offered a pension as a token of gratitude of the nation.Then,my father and his thousands of friends accepted the pension in most probably 1973.

But soon it created a rat race as happens these days for getting SC,ST,OBC status and reservation.Many people pleaded that they were silently or secretly supporting Freedom Movement.Government had to make a provision for accepting somebody's status on the basis of recommendation of a jail mate.Now,the number touched lakhs.

Yes,in some cases Jail Records were burnt by the fightersthat opened a floodgate..I have seen a number of people coming to my father for such certificates,and being denied by my father,they managed to get it from another. Now,their successors also want a special status.

Let me tell all my friends that by putting this post ,I am not making any ground for any privilege,I am not interested for it.Struggle  from the childhood have made people like me self sustained and owner of self pride that we inherit a great legacy.We don't want any incentive,our greatest prize is ,our respective fathers/parents were freedom fighters,they achieved independence of our country.

One such freedom fighter friend of my father was Dinabandhu Mishra of Vegetable Market,Khurda,popularly known as Dinabhaina .He had a bit landed property in his village 'Bangida' and two shops in Khurda Bus Stand.He  also like my father had not accepted the State Pension of Political Sufferers and later, took the pension offer of Indira Gandhi as a Freedom Fighter.
Dinabhaina  was my father's jailmate.After independence like my father and his friends,he was also dumped by the political order in the country.He did cultivation,small business etc....

One fine morning he found my father at his door at Khurda.My father was with a marriage proposal for Dinabhaina ,for he was then a bachelor.In East Bengal (Now Bangladesh) violence after independence thousands lost home and some,their lives.A young girl of 10 years lost her family and came some how to Puri.She was begging.My Dethei ( Wife of my father's distant relation elder brother ) found her while she was on a temple visit with my father near Jagannath Temple and brought her home.Had she not saved that girl,flesh trade may have pushed her into prostitution.Detei had 5 daughters,and she became the 6th.

Soon the girl got maturity and was to be married off.But non in the Brahmin Community wanted to get their son married as her antecedents were not known.They feared that the Girl may be of Muslim origin.Caste system was very strict at that point of time.

Now,Dinabhaina's name came to my father's mind.He rushed to Khurda.Dinabhaina was not only against casteism but also against religious fanaticism.But,he was 12 years elder to my father and by that time must have been 40 +. The girl in question was 25/26 years younger to him by age.

Somehow,my father prevailed over Dinabhaina and the marriage took place.My father made the Kanyadan (Giving your daughter' hand in marriage to the bridegroom ) as nobody agreed to do the job.Dinabhaina was like elder brother to my father,now he became  son in law too.

So,when when due to family poverty in 1970 I left studies in class 7th,my father remembered Dinabhaina and wrote him a letter.'Come immediately with School Transfer Certificate of your son,let him remain here and I will get him admitted to BJB High School,Khurda,' thus was Dinabhaina's command.Had Dinabhaina not come forward I would have left studies in 1970 and ended up as a daily wage labourer somewhere at Puri,Bhubaneswar,Kolkata or Delhi or may have died of Covid like lakhs of poor Indians.

Dinabhaina had two daughters,Chhoti and Gaji.Chhoti was 2 years senior,Gaji was my classmate.Dinabhaina got me admitted to school and sent me to Pada Sir's tution .Knowing about my father's economic condition Pada Sir agreed not to charge me any fee,though Dinabhaina offered.

Dinabhaina was poor,but was a highly respectable person.Soon I made up my study and passed class 7th.Chhoti says that I failed in a few subjects and the headmaster wanted such students to be detained for a year, but  Dinabhaina  pleaded and all those like me passed that year.

Why Children Fail ? When I read John Holt, I remembered Dinabhaina,for he was a true Gandhian Humanitarian ,was prepared to help everybody in spite of his poor financial condition.He was not believing in casteism and religious fanaticism.I can't repay his debt.He was a great human being.

'Did you know Bangla  when you got married ?' I asked Dinabhaina once.The girl  to whom Dinabhaina got married knew Bangla only.'No, we did not know each other's language and had to know in due course ,' he replied.

Then he said, 'Language is a tool ,not a means. Language of the heart is the only language the earth has..’

Alas,that girl .....my sister did not remain to understand the Heart's Language of Dinabhaina,she passed away when her 2nd daughter Gaji was hardly four and Dinabhaina brought up both his daughters.He did not remarry in spite of a lot of efforts by his elder brother,he truly and truthfully understood the language of the heart...

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