Conviction of corrupt higher during UPA: Kapil Sibal after Narendra Modi’s remarks at CBI event


NEW DELHI: A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the CBI not to spare corrupt persons, Rajya Sabha MP Kapil Sibal on Tuesday claimed the conviction of the corrupt was higher during the UPA rule and said the Lok Pal’s ”constant silence” since its appointment shows how serious the government is about dealing with graft.

Addressing a gathering at the diamond jubilee celebrations of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Monday, Modi said there is today no dearth of political will to act against corruption and officers should take action against the corrupt, however powerful, without any hesitation.

In a tweet, Sibal said, ”PM to CBI: Don’t spare the corrupt. March 2016: Jitendra Singh told Parliament: 2013: 1136 persons convicted for corruption, 2014: 993, 2015:878, 2016: 71. Conviction of the corrupt higher during UPA!” ”Men may lie but facts do not lie. Who is protecting the corrupt,” asked Sibal, who was a Union minister during UPA 1 and 2 governments at the Centre.

Later, speaking with reporters, Sibal said, ”My dear prime minister, why did you not appoint a Lokpal for five years to combat corruption after the UPA passed the Lokpal Bill? The constant silence of the Lokpal since its appointment (in 2019) shows how serious his government is to deal with corruption.” ”Also, please tell us how many cases the Lokpal has taken up since his appointment and what has been the outcome,” he said.

That will show how serious the Modi government is about tackling corruption, the Rajya Sabha MP said.

Sibal quit the Congress in May last year and was elected to Rajya Sabha as an independent member with the Samajwadi Party’s support. He recently floated a non-electoral platform ‘Insaaf’ aimed at fighting injustice.

In his remarks on Tuesday, Modi had also said that those who benefitted from corruption for decades have created an ecosystem that attacks probe agencies.

”But the agencies should not be deterred by stories about the power of the corrupt and their ecosystem to tarnish them,” he said.

”These people will keep distracting you, but you have to focus on your work. No corrupt person should be spared. There should be no laxity in our efforts. This is the wish of the country, this is the wish of the people of the country. The country, law and Constitution are with you,” the prime minister said.


Source: Press Trust of India




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