By Sanjeeb Kumar Sahoo


It is strange that the politicians who claim to be the Messiah of the people while seeking their support during elections are least bothered about the electors once voted to power. They barely go among the people who helped them win, leave aside championing their cause. Empathy is totally missing from the political domain in the present scenario. Recently, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi led a campaign “Bharat Jodo “claiming to spread love but whether that was because he feels compassion for the people or it was just a political ploy to woo electors is highly debatable.
We are passing through a turbulent time. I am sure, with love and compassion, we can overcome all difficulties that we face on a daily basis. We need politicians with a loving heart, not demons nor robots or puppets. Voters are not puppies of politicians!

I’m writing this because I’ve seen many times in a residential society where children have no playground to play in their society, and it bothers me. When I witnessed a child suffering from the sickness but there is no doctor in a rural hospital when needed, my heart breaks. I felt awful when I observed a three-year-old child playing on the road as his mother works as a gardener outside
the Udyog Bhawan metro station in Lutyens Delhi, despite the fact that all ministries’ headquarters, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), as well as all secretaries, are in Lutyens Delhi.

This is also relevant to point out that there is no free drinking water for citizens within 1 km of any city, and anyone who consumes water must buy a Rs 20 bottle or a Rs 3 glass. Not everyone can afford to buy water, which is why many people carry water bottles along with lunch boxes to their workplace to save money.

I am of the view that if you have empathy, you can comprehend problems of the needy and there is a sense of belonging. Politicians must be driven by empathy and a zeal to work for people instead of just harboring political ambitions. It will help them address the needs of the people with much clarity after being elected, rather than aiming for an additional five years.

As current trends in politics indicate, some politicians are more interested in their chairs than the voters who helped them win and fulfill their political ambition. Political ambitions can be cruel and selfish. It was reflected in politicians of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka, and Goa as they did not hesitate to leave their current homes for more luxurious government quarters.

Now, I will discuss the cover story and why I wrote it. It is because i feel the pain of the people who had to endure hardships to travel back home during Covid-19 lockdown — One such story of grit and determination was that of Jyoti Kumari who had to carry his injured father as pillion on a cycle from Gurgaon to Bihar by road. In the first part of the cover story, I criticized the Narendra Modi government and it was needed as this government did not meet the people’s expectations, according to me.

I urge the people to ask questions to central and state governments as they pay taxes to fulfill the demands of political executives in the central and state governments, and if needed then also express gratitude to them. I understand some may get angry or disappointed after reading the cover story, but many will appreciate it too. I don’t need appreciation, I need results for the needy people.

In the second and third stories, I have mentioned everything with the exception of a few political parties that are neither part of NDA nor I.N.D.I.A. They have supported the NDA in parliament over many bills such as the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Bill, 2019 which, to me, was excellent, and have conveniently shifted loyalties as per their need. In addition, many pathways leading to the parliament were marked with NDA or I.N.D.I.A. signs. In its upcoming issue, the National Political Mirror (NPM) will publish a special report on all political parties that could play a significant role in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

After reading all the stories, you shouldn’t be shocked, as the editorial policy of the National Political Mirror (NPM) is crystal clear: NPM will never write against a political executive or politician. However, it will criticise central and state governments when necessary and will also promote the policies of governments which are good for the masses. Furthermore, if any political executives or politicians are involved in misconduct, we will unequivocally expose them. NPM does not believe in having a personal connection with any politician, because if you do so, you will never write the true story. You will feel bad when you write against politicians, which can hurt them, as you interact with them every other day at press conferences.

Note: On July 30, 2023, this piece was originally printed in a weekly magazine of National Political Mirror.


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