‘Why not Pulivendula’: Chandrababu Naidu says TDP will leave Jagan Reddy struggling in home constituency in 2024 polls


VISAKHAPATNAM: Invigorated by the recent gains made by the TDP in the Legislative Council elections, party president N Chandrababu Naidu has said his party would not only win the 2024 polls with a ”thumping majority” but leave the YSRCP scrambling even in its bastion of Pulivendula.

The Leader of Opposition took a jibe at Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy’s ambitious plans for YSRCP to win all 175 Assembly constituencies in the 2024 elections, saying it is not now ”why not 175” as has been stated by the ruling party but would come down to ‘why not Pulivendula’.

Pulivendula is the constituency from which Reddy was elected, and it has been a stronghold of the YSRCP, from which the party’s candidates have been repeatedly elected with wide margins in the past. The former chief minister made these remarks during a TDP zone -1 meeting in the port city, where he expressed satisfaction over the recent Council polls and said it was an indication the principal opposition party would win the next elections with a ”thumping majority”

“This is only a sample and the real victory is much ahead. People supported the TDP in the Council poll though the candidate was announced just 20 days in advance,” said Naidu in a statement shared on Wednesday night.

Criticising the Chief Minister, Naidu said that Reddy ”is not walking on the ground but in the sky” and that ”people will teach him a fitting lesson”.

“Jagan began feeling insecure as he is now certain that whenever the elections are held it is TDP that is going to come back to power,” he said, promising that AP will be catapulted to a ”global level” on TDP’s return to government.

Source: Press Trust of India

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