BJP MP blames Muslims for rising crimes

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FAIZABAD: Ambedkar Nagar BJP MP Hari Om Pandey has blamed the growing population of Muslims in the country for rising crime, adding to the controversial remarks by his party leaders in recent days.

“Cases of heinous crime such as rape and murder are rapidly increasing due to the growing Muslim population in India,” Pandey told reporters here.

He said there had been a rapid increase in the percentage of Muslims in the population since Independence and called for the introduction of a Bill in Parliament to save India from becoming another Pakistan .

The MP’s remarks echo that of Alwar (Urban) MLA Banwari Lal Singhal who, while condemning the lynching of a Muslim man on suspicion of cow smuggling, blamed the victim’s Meo community for crime in the district.

Other BJP and RSS leaders have in recent days urged Muslims to shun beef and cow smuggling.

“Muslims have three to four marriages and give birth to nine to ten children. The kids are left to roam around and this gives way to lawlessness,” Pandey said.

Source: Press Trust of India