Bill proposes salary of CEC, ECs equivalent to cabinet secretary; currently pegged to Supreme Court judges


NEW DELHI: Salary and allowances of the chief election commissioner and election commissioners will be equivalent to that of the cabinet secretary, according to a bill introduced in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday.

Under the present law governing the service and conduct of the CEC and ECs, they are paid a salary which is equal to the salary of a Supreme Court judge.

”The salary is the same at Rs 2.50 lakh per month. But the CEC and ECs now stand equated to the cabinet secretary and not judges of the SC,” a functionary explained.

He said once the bill is cleared by Parliament, in the order of precedence, the CEC and ECs will be ranked below a minister of state.

”Since the CEC and ECs will be equivalent to the cabinet secretary and not a judge of the Supreme Court, they may be treated as bureaucrats. It can be a tricky situation during the conduct of elections,” the functionary said.

the Chief Election Commissioner and other Election Commissioners (Appointment Conditions of Service and Term of Office) Bill, 2023 also adds requisite qualification for a person to become a CEC or EC.

According to the bill, the chief election commissioner and other election commissioners will be appointed from amongst persons who are holding or have held a post equivalent to the rank of secretary to the Government of India and will be persons of integrity, who have knowledge of and experience in management and conduct of elections.

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The bill makes it clear that the CEC and ECs will hold office for a term of six years from the date on which he or she assumes office or till he attains the age of 65 years, whichever is earlier.

”Where an election commissioner is appointed as chief election commissioner, his term of office shall not be more than six years in aggregate…,” it says.

The present law is also on the same lines.

The chief election commissioner and other election commissioners will not be eligible for re-appointment, according to the bill.

Source: Press Trust of India

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