BSP spent over Rs 1 crore in Himachal polls, more than Rs 78 lakh in Gujarat


NEW DELHI: The Mayawati-led Bahujan Samaj Party spent over Rs 1 crore in electioneering in the Himachal Pradesh assembly polls and over Rs 78 lakh for campaigning in Gujarat.

In both elections held late last year, the party could not win any seat. While Congress emerged as a winner in Himachal Pradesh, BJP retained power in Gujarat.

The BSP managed a vote share of 0.35 per cent in Himachal Pradesh and 0.50 per cent in Gujarat.

According to the election expenditure reports on the two states submitted by the party to the Election Commission last month, it spent Rs 1,03,90,901 for campaigning in the hill state.

In Himachal Pradesh, out of the over Rs 1 crore spent overall on campaigning, the party spent nearly Rs 47 lakh on the travel of Mayawati for a public meeting in Baddi Tehsil on November 6, 2022. In Gujarat, the BSP, which is a recognised national party, spent Rs 78,10,829 for campaigning.

The party’s election expenditure reports were put in the public domain by the Election Commission on Tuesday.

Source: Press Trust of India

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