I want to make it clear that even though the cover story might annoy some political establishments, it only speaks about facts and does not intend to hurt any popular sentiment, which is easily hurt these days. This time, in response to some political figures misrepresenting Congress President Sonia Gandhi, we tried to do a cover story on her political journey, which can be termed “Turbulent.”

Through our research, we learnt that the current Congress president has made every effort to support India’s economic development above party interests. However, some ruling party leaders don’t miss an opportunity to line up and taunt her of her foreign roots. They claim that the Congress party has done nothing in India for 70 years and has only engaged in corruption. But seldom do they answer about the progress made in the current regime, on the country’s economic standing. Their only weapon is “what the Congress party did in 70 years,” but the current ruling party ignores the fact that they have been in power for more than 14 years and are still in power, as well as the fact that other political parties have been in power for six years. Consequently, out of a total of 75 years of rule, the Congress party ruled India for about 55 years. Even the ruling party misled the nation about which party and how long it had been in power since independence.

Ruling party leaders and their cadre have mastered this art of spinning webs of lies to proliferate their propaganda. To achieve their agenda, they can stoop down to disgrace a woman, who has adopted this country’s culture so well, and upheld the values of the constitution, in fact contributed in enriching the book, by introducing landmark legislations like – Right to Information – 2005, Right to Education – 2008, and Right to Food – 2013.

Therefore, refrain from lying just to maintain your position of power, or appease your masters. In fact, a top leader who is the party’s number two recently stated during a recent national executive meeting in Hyderabad that the next 30 to 40 years will be the era of his party.
I don’t have anything against him or his party, and I want them to rule for the next a hundred years. Not just your own state, though; all the states must be developed. The most important thing is for him, his best friend, and party leaders to stop misleading people.

By the way, Justice Sabyasachi Bhattacharyya of the Calcutta High Court judgment, where he stated that people have a right to criticize the ruling government in 2019, has given me the right to criticize the ruling party. “The people always have a right to criticize the dispensation running the administration of the country, being the government or the executive. Even the judiciary and the legislature are not exempt from fair criticism. That is what the freedom of speech and expression, as enshrined in the Constitution, is all about,” Calcutta High Court had said. In the course of judgment, the Court also added that, in fact, it is criticism which helps in good governance and keeps a leash on public functionaries, providing a touchstone for the Executive to test the worth of their public endeavors.

In conclusion, the Congress made a wise decision to suspend its three MLAs in Jharkhand, Irfan Ansari, Rajesh Kachhap, and Naman Bixal, who were allegedly detained in West Bengal after a large amount of cash was discovered in their car. The party asserted that the BJP was attempting to topple its coalition government in Jharkhand while the three MLAs were being detained.

The BJP has also made some admirable efforts during this time as the party celebrates the “Kargil Diwas” across the country by engaging in admirable nationalistic actions. It demonstrates patriotism compared to the opposition parties. Meanwhile, Pashupati Kumar Paras, the leader of the Rashtriya Lok Janshakti Party, challenged his nephew Chirag Paswan to run against him in the Hajipur constituency in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.
Note: On July 31, 2022, this piece was originally printed in a weekly magazine of National Political Mirror.

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