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Respected people of India and the globe, I would like to begin my editorial with a famous quote by American actor Denzel Washington for his wife Pauletta Washington: “Small minds discuss other people’s gossip, good minds discuss events, and great minds discuss ideas.”

So, ladies and gentlemen, this edition is also part of my creativity, as I have always stated that I believe in creativity. For the first time since the magazine’s inception in 2013, NPM is doing a special edition about the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) with profiles of Ministers and Offers , and I am confident that everyone will love all of the stories. However, we have done a cover story on India and Finland, as well as a second cover story on India and Denmark about their 75-year bilateral relationship, using information from the websites of their embassies.

However, I would like to apologize for not including 75 years of diplomatic connections between India and the Kingdom of Denmark on the cover page, for unavoidable reasons .

I would like to clarify that I am not a diplomat, but I know a little bit about diplomacy after observing two top former Ministers of External Affairs, Late Major Jaswant Singh and Yashwant Sinha, in Atal Bihari Vajpayee cabinet . From December 5, 1998, to July 1, 2002, the late Major Jaswant Singh served as India’s Minister for External Affairs. Sinha was appointed Minister of External Affairs on July 1, 2002.

Let us discuss what I understand about diplomacy. Diplomacy is about listening to what the other person needs. It includes preserving your own viewpoint while listening to your counterpart. You must form relationships with others so that when difficult circumstances arise, you can work together. Diplomacy is the art and science of keeping ties between countries, groups, or people peaceful. Diplomacy usually means talks between people from different groups about things like trade, war, the environment, technology, and safety.

The term “embassy” refers to a permanent diplomatic mission. An ambassador is the chief diplomat of an embassy. A large diplomatic mission may have representation beyond a single embassy. Other places of representation are known as consulates. For example, India’s embassy is in the US capital, Washington, D.C. India has consulates in New York, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, and Seattle. The Indian ambassador and the rest of the India diplomatic mission are in charge of advocating Indian policy to the US government, as well as helping Indian citizens in the United States.

This frequently includes assisting people with legal issues, such as visas or work permits. To conclude, I wish for a diplomatic relationship of India with other parts of the globe based on mutual understanding.

Note: On Feburary 25, 2024, this piece was originally printed in a weekly magazine of National Political Mirror.

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