India will become developed nation on its own by following Lord Buddha’s path: Akhilesh Yadav


NEW DELHI: Samajwadi Party (SP) president Akhilesh Yadav on Monday said if Prime Minister Narendra Modi follows the path of Lord Buddha, India will become a developed country.

Yadav addressed a ‘mahasammelan’ of Khushwaha, Maurya, Saini and Shakya communities organised by his party at the Indira Gandhi Pratishthan here.

He said the prime minister’s Independence Day address in which he talked about development and increasing India’s prestige abroad. If those who talk from the Red Fort about making India a developed country follow Lord Buddha’s path then India will become a developed country on its own, he added.

The SP chief, who recently spelt out his ”PDA formula” for the 2024 Lok Sabha polls as a combination of ”Pichde (backward classes), Dalit and Alpasankhyak (minorities)”, said, ”The people I see here are those who believe in Lord Buddha. People in front of me are descendants of Chakravarti emperors Chandragupta Maurya and Ashoka.”

Targeting the BJP, the former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh said, ”While our country should develop today, we also have to think about who are the forces of the society that want to take away from us the Constitution given by Babasaheb.” ”We have to be careful of the conspiracy of the BJP as it can go to any extent,” he said.

Yadav said the Bahujan Samaj has been cheated from time to time and now, it has started to understand its rights.

Source: Press Trust of India

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