Rajya Sabha witnesses uproar over skipping of question


NEW DELHI: Opposition members on Monday created a noisy scene in the Rajya Sabha when question number 18 related to the aviation sector was skipped inadvertently by Deputy Chairman Harivansh during the Question Hour.

Jaya Bachchan (SP), Deepender Singh Hooda (Congress) and other opposition members sought to know the reasons for skipping question number 18 and taking up question number 19 related to Polavaram irrigation project.

Question 18 was about ”funds allotted to Maharashtra under various schemes of the Ministry of Civil Aviation during the period 2021-2024”, while Question 19 was on ”damage of diaphragm wall of the Polavaram Irrigation Project in Andhra Pradesh”. The deputy chairman said it happened inadvertently but the opposition members were not convinced.

Then Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar asked the members to calm down and told them the question number 18 will be taken up after question 19. ”Please take your seat. I have already indicated that after I am through with Question 19, I will take up this issue. ….I will try to find a way out,” Dhankhar said.

He also said Jaya Bachchan is a very senior member and if she has a sentiment that is bound to be serious to him.

After the completion of question 19, the chairman took up question 18 related to the aviation sector and said it could not be taken up due to ”certain technical situations”.

Dhankhar also mentioned that he was ”slightly hurtful” when some references were made about the deputy chairperson who has ”more stunning qualities and independence than I have and respect for all members”.

He further asked opposition members to forget if they have any hard feelings.

When Samajwadi Party member Jaya Bachchan rose to speak, the chairman said, ”You are a senior member and even otherwise in the country whatever you say is looked up to and regarded. So, you will cheer for all of us. I am sure a great actor like you must have taken many retakes also.” Stating that she has high regard for the deputy chairperson and not said anything about him, Bachchan said she has the right to ask questions and would not take it lightly when other members (from the ruling party) ask me to sit down.

”Treat us with respect,” she urged and added if the chair had told us a question cannot be taken due to certain problems, members would have understood as they are not schoolchildren.

Then Dhankhar said ”no one will disagree with this sentiment” and asked members of both ruling and treasury benches to follow good manners and direct their concerns through the chair and not inter-se.

Source: Press Trust of India

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