Rs 12 lakh crore-worth scams under UPA rule, but no corruption charge against Narendra Modi government: Amit Shah


MUMBAI: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday accused the Congress-led UPA government of indulging in scams worth Rs 12 lakh crore during its 10-year-rule, and said there has been no allegation of corruption involving even a single rupee against the Narendra Modi-led dispensation.

He was speaking at the ‘Vijay Sankalp’ rally of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers in Kolhapur city of western Maharashtra, around 370 kms from here. ”There has not been any allegation of corruption involving even a single rupee against the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. As compared to it, look at the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government led by former PM Manmohan Singh when several scams worth Rs 12 lakh crore took place,” the senior BJP leader said.

”Despite having an expert on economy as prime minister, Manmohan Singh only succeeded in keeping India at the 11th number as the world’s biggest economy for one decade. One Congress leader even praised him, terming it as his success. But PM Narendra Modi’s leadership upgraded India to the 5th spot,” he said.

Wherever Congress comes to power, the economic progress slows down, whereas under the BJP government, growth gets a boost, Shah claimed.

The Union minister reiterated that he proved every opposition party wrong over the abrogation of Article 370 that ended the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.

”I was told by almost all political parties that removal of special status will lead to bloodbath. When our government removed the special status, nobody dared to throw a pebble till today,” he said.

During the Congress-led government, Pakistan-sponsored insurgency was active in Jammu and Kashmir, he alleged.

”Nobody in Delhi had the courage to counter such terror acts. North-east was facing opposition to national flag hoisting. Kashmir was highly unstable and anarchy was at its peak,” he said.

Source: Press Trust of India

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