Trilateral maritime exercise SITMEX-20 on in Andaman Sea


Trilateral maritime exercise SITMEX-20 on in Andaman Sea

NEW DELHI: Naval forces of India, Singapore, and Thailand are engaged in a trilateral maritime exercise SITMEX-20 in the Andaman Sea to strengthen mutual confidence and develop common understanding and procedures towards enhancing overall maritime security in the region.

As part of the second edition of the exercise, Indian Navy ships, including indigenously built anti-submarine warfare corvette Kamorta, and missile corvette Karmuk, are participating. The two-day exercise began on Saturday, the Defence Ministry said on Sunday.

The first edition of SITMEX, hosted by the Indian Navy, was conducted off Port Blair in September 2019.

The SITMEX exercises are conducted to enhance mutual inter-operability and imbibing best practices between the Indian Navy, Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN), and Royal Thai Navy (RTN). The 2020 edition of the exercise is hosted by RSN.

RSN is represented by the Formidable Class frigate Intrepid and Endurance Class Landing Ship Tank Endeavour and RTN by the Chao Phraya Class frigate Kraburi in the exercise.

The exercise, conducted as a non-contact, at sea only exercise in view of COVID-19 pandemic, highlights growing synergy, coordination and cooperation in the maritime domain between the three navies and maritime neighbours.

The two days of maritime drills will witness the three navies participate in a variety of exercises, including naval manoeuvres, surface warfare exercises and weapons firing.

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